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We consume a healthy dose of music daily. Various digital applications provide us with the music of our tastes. Some offer audio-only and others show videos as well. YouTube Video Downloader for PC is the most talked-about application today. It is a pretty reliable App with a great many features and its popularity among every generation of people is seriously no joke.

YouTube Video Downloader for PC

We find every sort of video we need on YouTube. An estimated 500 hours of videos are uploaded per minute on this platform, which is huge in itself and speaks facts about the site’s popularity. We can find billions and billions of videos on YouTube. We enjoy our time surfing on YouTube and it’s gaining more and more popularity with each passing second.
Now, as we can not have access to the internet every time what should we do if we want to watch some videos over and over again? We download audio and videos from other sites to watch them at times when we don’t have an internet connection. As we watch YouTube a lot and we find interesting videos over there that we sometimes want to download.
There are Apps like aTube Catcher (PC) and TubeMate (android)  etc available for downloading videos from platforms like YouTube but as we talk about using the best of them we need to mention a handy App like Y2mate video downloader.

YouTube Music Downloader for PC

YouTube Video Downloader for PC gives access to a massive range of videos from YouTube. From this application, you can browse YouTube music and download videos easily and reliably. You can search for the video you want on YouTube and download it if you want. It has an inbuilt player that allows the users to play a video before downloading it.
This APK additionally gives you two options whether you want to download an MP3 copy of the file you like or an MP4 copy or both, it means you don’t only get to download music videos but can also download audio,  just the way you want. Above all the worth mentioning thing here is that this APK is free. 
Free to download YouTube Video Downloader for PC and use. And about the APK, it has a pretty decent and attractive interface which is divided into two separate sub-faces. One of them is for searching for the videos you want and the other is for the management of the downloads.

Features of YouTube Video Downloader for PC

This App has some amazing features that enable smooth and effortless download of audio and video content from YouTube.
  • Easy access to the download of music videos and other videos of your choice from YouTube.
  • Its design is very simple and decent hence providing a friendly environment to the users.
  • YT3 Video Downloader for PC has a powerful and vibrant browser that can bring you whatever sort of videos you want to download. It is simply very impressive.
  • One of the key features of this APK is that it gives you the option to look for the lyrics of the music you are listening to or downloading. This is super time-saving because we mostly roam around the internet searching for lyrics separately. ( Only music lovers can relate).
  • The content that you download from the YouTube Video Downloader for PC is of amazing quality. We get super HD videos and high-quality sound files.
  • With this handy App, you can share your music too. It allows you to share the videos from this App directly with the people of your contacts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social networking sites.
You can download this amazing app from the links provided to you. After a successful download, you must keep a few things in mind before installing the YT3 MP3/MP4 YouTube Video Downloader for PC or Android.
What has the new version got new for us:
  • Now, this App can fix minor bugs.
  • Operating system requirements are lessened.
  • The step to enable the ”unknown sources” is new to the App.

Note before installation:

Firstly, you have to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your Android phone. For that, you have to go to the settings where you can enable/ disable the said option. For APK applications this option is enabled, and it is mandatory. 
The reason we have to do this is, that Apps of this sort are not available on Google Apps/Play Store because such Apps have to infringe the copyright laws of videos and content from YouTube. As YouTube practically doesn’t allow downloads so this is totally against the laws of Google itself.
Altogether, this App is super handy. Although a few things are still needed to be done it still meets our major requirements. We may not be able to download a whole playlist but we can download the videos individually. So download YouTube Video Downloader for PC and use this great App and enjoy listening to and watching your favorite music videos.

YouTube Video Downloader for PC


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