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You might have heard about the file-copying program TouchCopy for Chromebook. But are you sure it’s suitable for your device? Here are some reasons why you might want to download it. Also, check out our reviews about this software, so you know what you can expect from it. It’s freeware, but you can always try it out if you like. However, you should know that there are some restrictions.

Touchcopy for PC

  • Cloud-based storage
With a cloud-based storage solution for your TouchCopy for Chromebook, you’ll have virtually unlimited storage, collaboration, and always-on accessibility. It’s a great option for Chromebooks with only a few gigabytes of onboard storage.
And, unlike traditional storage, cloud storage solutions can be accessed from any device, including your laptop. So, if you’re in the market for a new Touchcopy for Chromebook 16, take advantage of this great new feature and turn your old one into a cloud-based storage solution.
Touchcopy for Chromebook is an app that lets you back up your files to the cloud. Because of the limited storage capacity of a Chromebook, you can’t back up your files to a local hard drive.
Plus, most models have flash storage capacities of only 100GB, so you can’t expect to store large files on your touch-copy for Chromebook. In contrast, Windows laptops and MacBooks have larger capacities.

  • Sync compatibility
To test if TouchCopy for Chromebook 16 Sync is compatible with your machine, install the free trial version and see if it syncs with your Chromebook. Syncing data between Chromebooks and PCs requires the same network to prevent latency. If you want to run non-Chrome OS applications on your Chromebook, consider installing a Linux distro using Crouton. The process requires some technical knowledge, though.

  • Backup and transfer services
There are a few things you should keep in mind when using Touchcopy for Chromebook backup and transfer services. One of the most important of these is permissions. TouchCopy requires Full Disk Access to access your system’s default backup location.
Then, you must set the password before the program will begin backups. To prevent TouchCopy from deleting your backups, you should enable automatic deletion after you disconnect your device.
After you’ve completed the procedure, you can use the recovery media to store other files. To do this, simply open Chrome and click the Extensions menu. On the Extensions pop-up, select the Recovery Utility extension. Next, click Erase recovery media from the drop-down menu.
The tool will erase the data on your storage device. You can then reuse it for other storage purposes. When you’re finished with recovery, you can use your recovery media to transfer other files using Chromebook.
  • Battery life
A feature in the next developer release of Chrome OS 105 for Chromebooks may improve battery life. A developer channel on Google’s website has detected a change in code that may help minimize Javascript polling.
The feature is currently unavailable, but users can opt-in to the developer channel. If you use a Chromebook with extended battery life, this feature may be worth exploring. It will improve the overall battery life of your device.
The HP Chromebook x360 14 G1 has the longest battery runtime, averaging 12 hours and 46 minutes. The second-longest battery runtime belongs to the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, which has an average of 12 hours and 46 minutes.
This device is also compact, with a clamshell design that makes it easy to carry. The Lenovo Chromebook Duet lasts just over eight hours on a charge.

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Touchcopy for Chromebook