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Download Sandisk USB Flash Drive Software> The invention of USB Flash Drives was one of the most popular and useful in the history of Engineering and Science. The reason is the ability of USB Drives to store a lot of data in a small size. It gave us independence from the floppy disks and CD-ROM Drives. With time, the USB Drives improved further first because of the advancements in technology and second because of the companies and manufacturers.

With the number of manufacturers, the competition grew too. Among all the big names in the field, we have Sand Disk, one of the leading manufacturers of flash memory products such as Solid State Drives, Memory Cards, and USB Flash Drives.  With flash memory products Sand Disk is also famous for its Flash Drive Software.

Sand Disk Flash Drive Software is also known as Secure Access which is upgraded to Private Access. It is a simple way to store critical data within a password-protected vault on your USB Flash Drive. Sandisk USB Flash Drive Free uses 128-bit AES encryption to create a secure vault that is protected by the password you create. This helps you in keeping your data safe and secure even when the USB Drive is stolen or lost.

As the data cannot be accessed without a password, unauthorized access is denied which ensures your privacy.  Secure Access also provides an online data backup with 2GB of space. This online service can be used to share personal pictures, documents, confidential business secrets, or banking details through secure media. The data is automatically encrypted by the Sandisk USB repair tool download to ensure extra protection. It is compatible with all Sand Disk USB Drives.

Listed below are some of the main features of Sandisk USB Flash Drive Software

  • The software is easy to download, install, and start-up.
  • It uses multi-thread processing and performs faster and better encryption.
  • The software also enables the users to edit their documents while they are stored in the vault.
  • The data stored by Sandisk USB Flash Drive can be restored easily.
  • To free up space, the software has an optional file shredder to delete data from the source after it is transferred to the vault. 
  • It has the feature of automatic logout.
  • It is not a quality but there isn’t an option for recovering or changing passwords if you forget it.
  • The data stored in the vault is not format protected which means all data will be erased if the USB Drive is formatted.
  • It supports more than 10 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and others.
  • Sandisk USB Flash Drive Software is available for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and MAC operating systems.

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