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Do you want your data migration to be quick, easy, and safe? Well, Samsung Data Migration Software has been designed especially for you. This new software has been created to migrate data safely and quickly from an existing storage device to a new Samsung solid-state drive. 
You can also migrate the current operating system you are using, application software, and other data to Samsung SSD, with much more ease and authentication. The company which has brought this all-new Data Migration Software for all Samsung SSD users is

How to do Data Migration using Samsung Data Migration Software

How to Use Samsung Data Migration

First of all download the Samsung Data Migration Software using links from the official company’s website or any other trusted site. Install it on your device and launch it. Now how do we start migrating data from an existing storage device to a new Samsung SSD Drive? Follow the following guidelines carefully.

⇛ If the capacity of the target device is larger than the data you have saved on your source device:
  1. Open the driver and “start Migration”
  2. Search for your target drive and connect to it. ( Refresh it after connecting so that the target drive would be recognized by your source drive)
  3. If the source drive has two or lesser volumes than C and U want all of them to be cloned then select them using your mouse. Up to three volumes can be selected. Using the slide bar, adjust the capacity of each volume in the target drive. The capacity can be up to 20 GB or even more.  You can delete the selected volumes by clicking the cross sign across each volume.
  4. Now that you have selected all the volumes you wanted to clone. Start cloning formally.
  5. Once cloning is finished the computer would be shut down immediately. (Cloning speed depends upon the computer’s operating system and environment)

⇛ If the data saved by you on your source drive is larger than the capacity of the target drive:

  • Step 1: Repeat the process of migration.
  • Step 2:  search, select and connect the target drive the same way again.
  • Step 3:  you need to exclude some of the files from cloning to the target drive because it has a lesser capacity than the amount of data. For that purpose select a folder that could be scanned for excluding some unnecessary or least important files from cloning.
  • Step 4:  Click on “Select exclude data” and the system would start selecting data to be excluded.
  • Step 5:  now select “ set folder to scan” so that the folder that you have chosen would be scanned for the files that can be excluded.
  • Step 6: start “ search”. Next, select the files that you think should be excluded from cloning.
  • Step 7:  Now select whatever you want to do with the excluded data. Either delete them from the source drive or save them in another storage device.
  • Step 8: Start the cloning process and ultimately the computer would shut down, which means your data has been cloned successfully.

Note: data migration process by Samsung Data Migration Software Win11 is interrupted for any unknown reason you can close the device and reopen it again and repeat the above process. But if Samsung Data Migration is not working even after that you should uninstall the said drive from your device and download it again from another source, install it, and use it.

➤ Some precautions that you should take before using Samsung Data Migration Tool or Software on your Device:
  1. All the data that was pre-existing in the target would be deleted permanently and would be unrecoverable once you will start cloning data from the source drive to it, so it is important that you should transfer your data to another storage device before starting the cloning process if you don’t want to lose your data permanently.
  2. Nobody, neither the company nor Samsung would be responsible if your data is lost from the target drive-in process. And you would not be able to get any sort of help for the recovery of your lost data.
  3. You would need to install Samsung NVMe Driver on your device first before using this Samsung Data Migration for cloning data to the target drive.

Samsung Data Migration Software Review

All and all, this new software is worth recommending. It is beneficial for all users who have been unsatisfied with every migration software that they have used earlier. This software is truly a legend. You can clone data more quickly, easily, and safely than you could ever before.
This software supports all new models of Samsung devices and its compatibility has been increased too. So with all its desirable features, Samsung Data Migration Software is worth your service and time. 

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System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8.1 32 bit, Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 11 32/64 bit.
RAM: Minimum 1 GB
Space for installation: Minimum 100 MB
Sources: HDD, SSD
Target (Samsung SSD) Drive: Samsung SSD (980, 980 pro, 970 Pro, 970 EVO, 970 EVO plus, 960 Pro, 960 EVO, 950 Pro, 870 EVO, 870 QVO, 860 Pro, 860 EVO, 860 QVO, 850 EVO, 850 pro, 840 pro, 840 EVO,. 840, 830 and 470) series.