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Microsoft Office 2016 Free Download commonly known as MS Office 2016 is software developed in the Microsoft Office Series by Microsoft, the company founded by Bill Gates. Microsoft Office 2016 succeeds Microsoft Office 2013 while it is the predecessor of Microsoft Office 2019.
It was launched for MAC Operating System on July 9, 2015, and for Microsoft Windows on September 22, 2015. Microsoft Office 2016 is the last setup in the series that supports Windows 7. It also supports Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. Microsoft Office 2016 fully supports 40 languages (Arabic, Serbian, Chinese, and Turkish) and is partially operational in 51 others including Urdu, Punjabi, and Persian.
Features of Microsoft Office 2016 Windows 32-Bit/64 Bit

Microsoft Office 32-bit free download allows you to create, open, edit, save, and share files in the Cloud directly from your office. It also features new search commands in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Office Home and Business 2016 allows co-authoring in real-time and has a Bing-powered feature that is suitable for finding contextual information. It supports vector graphic format. Moreover, Microsoft 2016 can co-exist with other versions of Microsoft Office except for Office 2013.

Microsoft Office 2016 for PC/Mac

Features of Office 2016

The Office 2016 for MAC Operating System comes with an updated user interface that uses ribbons. It supports retina display and has new sharing features along with other updates.

The Microsoft Office 2016 suite has several parts to it like all other versions of Microsoft Office. Given below are the description of those individual parts and the new features which are added to Microsoft Office 2016.

Microsoft Word 2016 Free Download 64 bit

It is the word editing software and is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Some of the most notable features of Microsoft 2016 are;

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  • The Optimized or Redesigned Ribbon

With Microsoft Word 2016, you can create your own Custom Quick Toolbar that contains all your favorite and frequently used tools. It appears below the Ribbon and can be customized easily with features added or removed without much fuss.

The Ribbon is organized in a way that the features are easy to find which saves time and effort. The new addition to the Ribbon is the “Tell me what you want to do” feature, which basically is a search tool where you can pose a question, instead of keywords, and be directed to the required resources.

  • Research and Insights

In Microsoft Word 2016 highlighting a word and selecting smart lookup opens a sidebar with suggested resources matching with the text selected. Office by default opens Windows Edge Browser which can be changed if you are using a different browser. In the Research Tab is the Researcher icon that allows you to find quotes, citable sources, and images. It also allows you to manage sources, change citation style or create bibliographies for research papers and reports.

  • Quick Parts

When creating lengthy documents certain information may be repeated. Instead of retyping it again and again you can type it once and save it in the form of Quick Parts for future use. For doing so, highlight the text and select Auto-Text from the drop-down. Select Save to Auto Text Gallery, fill in the required fields in the new window of Create New Block and click O.K. You can use the text from the Auto Text drop-down whenever needed.

  • Themes and Styles

With Microsoft Office for Windows 7 32-bit, you can choose a theme from the Design tab that sets the tone of your overall document. This includes your font style, font size, font color, headings, paragraph spacing, watermark, and borders.

  • Table of Content

Word 2016 takes the feature of the Table of Content to the next level with its automatic updating and reorganization features. It also gives you the freedom of choosing a template downloaded from an online source or making a custom one according to your own needs.

In addition to these Word 2016 also has Format Painter, Find and Replace 2.0, Autocorrect, and Sharing and Collaboration.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Free Download

Microsoft Excel is one of the most famous spreadsheet software. Excel 2016 has added even more advanced features making the experience of Excel even more satisfying and easy. Some of these features are;

  • The “Tell Me Box”

This is the new search feature added to all components of Office 2016. This helps you in finding the tools you most need without much ado and directs you to the required resources easily.

  • New Chart

One of the exciting features of Excel is its charts. The feature has been improved in Excel 2016 with the addition of six new charts, including Waterfall, Statistical Chart, Histogram, Pareto, and Box and Whiskers.

  • Get and Transform Data

This feature allows you to find and bring all the data you require in a single place. This helps you in organizing your data in a more efficient way and finding it whenever needed.

  • 3D Maps

Microsoft Excel 2016 enables you to use 3D models and maps to represent your data more realistically and make the data easier to understand for your audience or any other party who might have a look at your data.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Free Download for PC

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most-used components of the Office Suite both by professionals and students. It allows you to make wonderful presentations with all those cool themes and effects. PowerPoint 2016 has redesigned the features and has added some more to make the experience, even more, user-friendly and effective. Some of the main features of PowerPoint 2016 are;

  • Designer

Unfortunately, it is now only available for the subscribers of Office 365. The feature allows you to insert a picture in your presentation and redesign it either with the numerous preset ideas displayed in the Design Tab or on your own.

  • Morph Transition

Similar to Designer, Morph Transition is only available for subscribers of Office 365. It is a new type of transition that allows you to transfer an object from one slide to another, during the slideshow, with a single click. For this feature to work, you need to have two slides that have at least one common object. It can change the color, animate, move, and even emphasize a particular component across slides.

  • New Office Theme

There are four distinct themes you can choose for your Microsoft Office 2016. The themes are colorful, dark gray, full black, and white. To select the theme go to Files> Account> Office Theme.

  • Quick Shape Formation

With PowerPoint 2016 you can draw any shape and find the preset styles. Using these you can expand the color and formatting options for the shape drawn without wasting your time and energy.

  • New Chart Types

The six charts introduced in Office 2016 (Microsoft Office Windows 10) are also a part of PowerPoint 2016. You can use Waterfall, Treemap, Histogram, Box, Whiskers, or Sunburst to add more charm to your presentation.


Outlook 2016 Free Download 64 bit

It is one of the most used communication channels in the professional world. Outlook has always been an easy and fun tool to use but with Outlook 2016 you can even go beyond the normal boundaries.

  • Alias

Many of us have more than three email addresses for various purposes and managing them is a challenge in itself. With Outlook 2016, however, you can easily manage all your accounts by creating Outlook Alias.

This feature allows you to add several email addresses to the same Outlook account and all the messages received will arrive in the same inbox. To send emails from different email addresses you can simply choose the desired email addresses by clicking on the “From” button.

  • Schedule Meetings

Outlook 2016 allows you to schedule meetings with ease. Just go to Calendar> Home> New Meeting. You can specify your attendees, the time, and the date of the meeting too. Outlook also notifies you when the meeting invitation has been accepted.

  • Automatic Replies

Planning a vacation but have a problem with the email replies? No worries, because with Outlook 2016 you can send Automatic and pre-configured replies for every email received while you are having your quality time.

  • Google Drive as Cloud Storage

With Microsoft Outlook 2016, you can easily integrate your Google Drive and Office to open, edit and save documents directly without having to leave Office.

  • Get Delivery and Read  Receipts

Microsoft Outlook 2016 also enables you to get Delivery and Read Receipts as the message reaches its destination. You can check the options while composing an email.

The latest version of Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32 Bit is provided from available sources on this page for free download. Just click on the given link to download Microsoft Office 2016 (2022) for Windows. 100% Safe and Secure. nevertheless, if you have to face any trouble during this process then contact us, and we will try our best to guide you.

Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista

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