LED TV Backlight Driver Circuit Diagram-Connection

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LED TV Backlight Driver Download, LED Stands for Light-Emitting Diode, an electronic device that lights up when power is passed via it. LEDs are normally red. They are useful for showing images because they can be moderately small, and they don’t burn out. Be that as it may, they require more power than LCDs.

LED backlighting technology can be isolated into two groups: the first one is, the direct-lit type, and the second one is the edge-lit type. LEDs, utilized in direct-lit type backlighting, can be either white or RGB. The contrasts between these two types and LED power solutions from a system perspective will be investigated in this application note.

LED TV Backlight Driver Board

LED TV is absolutely the same as LCD TV the main difference is that LCD TV utilizes CCFL as the backlight and inverter as the driver board however LED TV utilizes LEDs as the backlight and boost driver board as the driver. LEDs use dc voltage to work, in contrast to typical LEDs, the high-power LEDs utilized in TV work at 3vdc per LED. 
The purpose of the LED driver board is to keep the flow consistent in the LED. On the off chance that the present increment in a LED is beyond the foreordained level as prescribed by the assembling, the LED will simply come up short. now Just download the LED TV Backlight Driver from the below-given link.

Key Features and Benefits

  • It has a simple Topology to connect LEDs.
  • It allows synchronous rectification.
  • Its Drivers have up to 6 LEDs in series.
  • It enables an output voltage of up to 27V.
  • It helps to enable and dim current [300:1] with a dedicated Pin.
  • It has High side current sensing.
  • It allows 2.3MHz Freq PWM control.
  • It has Package DNF6 2×2 mm.
  • It has a supply input range of 2.5V /18V.

But we are here to discuss LED TV Backlight Driver Circuit for Windows. If you require this very helpful driver so just click on the above-provided download link to download it for free in a few moments. It will solve all the related needs of your LED as an LED Driver. You have to download and install it on your PC. 
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T.R83.671 LED TV Universal Board Software Free Download All Resolutions

T.R83.671-1366×768 Backup Dump

T.R83.671-1920×1080 Backup Dump

LED TV Backlight Driver