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If you’re looking for reliable Kutools for Excel download, you’ve come to the right place. Files10 provides direct downloads from the developers of the software, so you don’t have to worry about downloading a third-party installer. To make sure that you remove Kutools for Excel completely, you’ll need to ensure that the application was uninstalled completely from your computer.

  • XLOOKUP Function
The XLOOKUP function in Kutools for Excel download is a powerful formula tool that can perform multiple values from a range of data. Its second argument, “value,” is a numeric variable. When used, it returns the nearest or next largest value in the range of data entered. The third argument, “error,” displays a message when the function fails to find a match. The fourth argument, “custom message,” is an expression that should be enclosed in double quotes.

The XLOOKUP function supports wildcard characters. It allows you to insert any number of characters in a range to search for a specific value. Unless you specify the wildcard characters in the fifth argument, the function will give you an error. If you’d like to use wildcard characters with the XLOOKUP function, it is possible to change any cell reference to an absolute one by adding dollar signs before the row and column names.

XLOOKUP is a powerful Excel function that searches for similar values in a range. It is used for data analysis, creating budgets, producing graphs, and completing basic payroll. Using the XLOOKUP function, you can perform calculations in Excel and produce detailed reports on any given company. Kutools for Excel download offers many useful tools for Excel users. It is compatible with Excel 2007 and 2019 on PC.

Secure multiple workbooks by using the same password simultaneously
Kutools for Excel offers several security options. One of them is using the same password to secure multiple workbooks at once. The password can be unique to each workbook or it can be used to protect several workbooks in the same folder at one time. You can encrypt any workbook by entering the password once and then using the same password for all of them. You can even secure multiple workbooks at the same time by using VBA code.

This feature allows you to lock multiple workbooks with the same password and allows you to print the results. The software comes with many functions such as a randomizer to select and create copies of lists and samples of Excel data, a row assistant to hide rows based on search criteria, a report runner to automatically print your Excel reports, a sheet navigator to view all data in the same spreadsheet, and the Workbook Print Assistant that enables you to print worksheets in different workbooks at the same time.

Another useful feature of Kutools for Excel download is its ability to create multiple copies of the active worksheet. The tool enables you to insert custom-named cells in the header, footer, or selected cell. When you open multiple workbooks, you can also change the number of digits in each cell. Once you’ve secured the active workbook, you can easily swap a different workbook with its custom-named cells, which saves time for you.

Easy-to-use application

Microsoft Excel is an application for creating, managing, and collaborating on spreadsheets. It was first released in 1987 and has been a part of the Microsoft Office suite since 1995. Excel is available as a desktop application for Windows and macOS, as well as a web app as part of the Office365 subscription service. This article will explore a few of the reasons why people should consider using Excel as an application.

An easy-to-use application for Excel helps people convert spreadsheets into apps. With Open as App technology, an Excel spreadsheet can be converted into an application in a matter of minutes. This feature helps users move their data from a spreadsheet to a mobile device without changing systems. Another advantage of the Excel mobile application is that you can create PDF files directly from the mobile app.
To export the workbook as a PDF, click on “Export” and then choose the orientation and part of the workbook you want to export. When saving the file, choose a file name and save the pdf file to the same location as the original file.

No-code apps are great for collaboration because they allow users to work on a single document simultaneously, regardless of their computer skills. These apps also track changes and keep track of who made what changes.
Some applications even offer free templates for users to choose from. To make it easier to use an application, check out these features. You can find them all in one place and start using them right away. And if you do end up getting stuck with a spreadsheet, you’ll have a better understanding of how to fix it.

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Kutools for Excel Download 2022