iTunes Doesn’t Recognize iPhone Windows 10

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How Do I Get Windows 10 To Recognize My iPhone?

 is the hub for doing everything with your iPhone and when it does not properly, it is a matter of great bother for iPhone users.
Now one of the errors which most iPhone users face sometimes with iTunes is that their software does not recognize their iPhone and this problem mostly occurs while the users are using Windows 10. 

Now there are a lot of fixes proposed for the issue and not just Windows 10 this problem is also known to occur on many other Windows operating systems as well. Most of the experts propose methods that work on particular windows.
So, I thought, if I could come up with a method that is general and could work on all the operating systems when this problem occurs.

Now the method which I am going to tell in this article works for all operating systems. Now whether the problem is iTunes does not recognize iPhone Windows 10 or any other operating system, this article is going to help you.
Make sure that you follow each and every step in this article carefully and you will be done within a matter of seconds.
Sam let us now move with the procedure of fixing iTunes does not recognize iPhone Windows 10 and other operating systems as well. The following are the prerequisites that you must have before following the procedure.

How Do I Connect My iPhone to Windows 10 via USB?


Why Is My iPhone Not Recognised on the Computer?


1. You must have the latest version of iTunes because sometimes when the software gets updated and you don’t do it, the older version causes this kind of problem.

2. Make sure that the connection of your iPhone to the computer has been enabled from the settings. Sometimes people forget to turn on the connectivity and that’s why iTunes is unable to detect the iPhone.

3. Make sure that you have added your iPhone to the trusted devices of the Windows Firewall because if you have not enabled the permissions, the windows in your computer will not allow iTunes to detect your iPhone and that is one of the problems which cause this issue.

4. There could be some issues with your USB ports. Maybe one of your USB ports is not working and you are trying to connect your iPhone by putting it in that particularly faulted USB port. Make sure that you put iPhone’s cable into the right USB port.

5. Try restarting your computer or the Apple device and this is also known to fix the issue sometimes.

So, did you like this article? Let us know by commenting on your feedback in the comments section and also tell us which one of these methods worked for you. Keep visiting our website for more tech guides to help you with your problems. Stay tuned!

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