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Download iPhone USB Driver for Windows. If you have an iPhone and you are looking for free connectivity then you have come to the right page today. Now I will tell you how to connect iPhone 5/6/7/8 to PC. The iPhone is one of the best and safest mobile phones in the world, so connecting to another device or transferring data is not an easy task. 
So it needs a lot of things to connect it to another device then there is also a USB driver that combines two different devices.

iPhone USB Driver for Windows and Mac

USB Driver is a program that allows a hardware device to connect with the computer/laptop Windows. By installing the USB Driver, you can connect your device to Windows, and manage your external hard drives, keyboards, monitors, cameras, speakers, Android Smartphones, MP3 players, flash drives, Mice, and Printers, etc. 
And moreover, you can transfer data (messages, contacts, photos, videos, documents, apps, games, etc) between Mobile and the PC via a USB data cable.

USB Driver for iPhone

As mentioned above the USB driver is a program that allows a hardware device to connect to computer/laptop windows. But the iPhone is a separate mobile that is not only difficult but impossible to connect with another device via the USB driver

But the purpose of mentioning the USB driver here was just to explain it to you!! You might be thinking now that if a USB driver can’t connect an iPhone to a PC, then which thing will connect an iPhone to Windows? You do not need to worry I will tell you what thing or tool will connect your iPhone to the PC Windows operating system
The only thing that can connect your iPhone to a PC is iPhone iTunes How to connect an iPhone to a PC? iTunes is a media player, Internet radio broadcaster, media library, and mobile device management utility. 
And with iTunes, you can organize, and play your music, and videos. And you can Play or Download unlimited songs with Apple Music <<with a paid subscription>> and find TV shows, dramas, music, free podcasts, movies, audiobooks, and more in the iTunes Store. Set up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and include music, video, and more to it.
Remember That: If someone says that a USB Driver can connect an iPhone to a PC, it can only be a waste of your time.

Now you just have to download iPhone iTunes from the above-given download link and install it on your PC. This iTunes supports all Windows such as Windows 7 32-bit Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows XP x86, Windows 10 x64, and x86 operating systems. And you can install it on iPhone 5 – iPhone 6 – iPhone 7 – iPhone 8 and iPhone 10, etc.