Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Windows 10 64 Bit

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Download Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Windows 10 64 Bit, has been released from the official servers and we have provided the free and safe software and drivers on this page. if you are looking for Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver, you are landing on the right page now because our website is especially for these kinds of files such as drivers, software firmware, etc. 
you can download all kinds of drivers from here. Intel Rapid Storage Driver is absolutely free to download and use we have uploaded it from its official site on this page.

  • What is Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver?
An application that is Windows-based and is known to provide a reliable and improved level of performance to computers, mobiles, and other severe platform devices that contain SATA disks for their desktop has been widely named Intel Rapid Storage Technology Software. This renowned software enables you to experience an extra enhanced and powerful performance with even lower power and energy consumption. 
Amazing right! That’s all the new Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver for you. Additionally, when you happen to use more than one disk at a time, unlike a normal case, you get to give extra protection for your data and can secure your data even when the disk on your device fails.

Well, it’s a whole package in itself Intel Rapid Storage Technology Software copies important data from any designated drive source (normally a primary disk) to another recovery disk (that is called its designated destination) as a result you get complete data redundancy. You can request data updates of recovery volumes. These recovery volumes can be continuous too.

  • Intel SATA Disk Drivers and Software
We use computers widely and extensively nowadays and we are familiar with different terms related to it. Disks are vital parts of our computer systems. We have multiple options when it comes to choosing a good quality disk for our computers and other devices.
SATA is one of the most trusted brands and most of us use it on our computers. Some of us probably might not know the reason behind our devices working smoothly, surely the disks inside are worth praise.
When we talk about disks and other hardware stuff we probably consider other things that assist these parts to perform accurately and efficiently. There are thousands of applications and drivers that work with the disks and we get a reliable overusing computer.
For SATA Disks separately, there is a diverse range of applications that help the inefficient performance of the said type of disks, through different ways. Intel is one of the many brands that’s known to come up with useful and classy drivers every now and then.

Features of Intel Rapid Storage Technology

The configuration and enabling of several features are supported by the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver v18.6.1.1016:
  • By using Intel Optane memory the system is accelerated.
  • RAID 0/1/5/10 is maintained and configured.
  • The support of Intel VMD on 11th gen platforms.

How to Install Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver?

  • To install the driver on your computer firstly, you need a new installer which is called Rapid Storage Technology .exe. From the Microsoft store, this installer will start installing the Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management.
  • Find download links for Intel Driver.
  • Next, you have to select a download type (that is totally up to you).
  • You have to select your operating system in the next step.
  • Find the most valid, updated, and latest software/driver (version 17.5 or newer) that best suits your device’s environment.
  • Next, you have to connect the operating system Reinstall the image USB key to your system, by booting from the USB key to initiate operating system deployment.
  • Select “Load Driver” on the Windows setup page where all of your device’s storage drives are listed.
  • Insert another USB key in place of the initial one (if you don’t have another USB port present with you).
  • Select the “Browse Button” in your load Driver.
  • “Browse for Folder window” would be displayed next. Go to “USB key” and from there select that particular folder that contains the Intel Rapid Storage Driver. Click on the button “ok”.
  • Your listed driver would be present in the setup window. Click “Next” to start installing the driver.
  • Once you have successfully installed Intel Rapid Storage Driver you will get an NVMe storage in your list of drivers. This is for operating system deployment.
  • Select the operating system of your choice and wait for the instructions. Follow the step-by-step instructions and get your driver launched.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Drivers

Intel is trusted by customers worldwide and this new application/ driver is nothing less than a smarty itself. Now that you know about its features and advantages, you surely will love to have it to feed your disk and make it run super smoothly to ease your daily computer work. It’s all easy as eating a cake to download, install and launch this driver on your computer. Just follow the above guidelines and get your driver.
Now just download Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver from the below-given link and install it on your Windows to keep up-to-date on your computer.

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Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Supports
  1. Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/ 10 and Windows 11 x64 OS
    It also supports the 10th Gen and 11th Gen platforms of Intel Core

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Windows 10, 11 64-Bit*

Visit here (Size: 14.3 MB)