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HP Support Assistant for Windows 10 32-bit/64bit> If you are an HP user or have ever used HP devices then you must be knowing the amount of reliability and efficiency of HP products. Well, to be clearer HP has an upper hand in the computer and technological world. Be it a smart laptop, computer, or a small USB drive HP never disappoints its customers when it comes to quality. 

We have known the printers, PCs and other hardware from HP and we also know quite well about the software and drivers which HP provides to us. Surely, you are an HP lover that’s the reason you are reading this. So HP has a brand new application for you that will make your life even easier. You can grab it all for free from here, but before that let’s know a few facts about this new App.

HP Support Assistant for Windows

HP Support Assistant Download is a system utility app from HP. It is pretty fast and reliable in its updated version. By using this application you can keep your device’s operating system clean, being updated timely when any update is available, and making your daily HP operations run more smoothly. 
Being from the HP family itself HP Support Assistant Download automatically supports all HP notebook users. This application is basically built to detect the condition and status of your laptop’s hardware. 
This handy app also detects the early instability signs of your system beforehand, which tends to reduce the working abilities of your device in the near future. If you want your PC to work faster and you feel the need to optimize it for that purpose, there is no better option than HP Support Assistant Download Free.
This application also scans your system automatically and updates and upgrades the HP Support Software and system Drivers. 
You are also enabled to learn about your local and benefit yourself from the consumer services through the portal on the app. Through the same portal, you can also make a support call that can resolve any sort of issues related to hardware.
Your PCs and printers that have automatic driver updates can have their performances and reliabilities improved through this app. You can set the options on the app to install updates themselves automatically or send you a notification when any update is available.

Hp Support Assistant interface

To make the usage easy and help users discover the features more easily the interface of the HP Support is streamlined. When you start the operation you come face to face with a light blue layout (that has been traditionally by HP)  and you get to see four tabs on the screen. 

The first tab saying “ My Devices” is used to make a list of those HP devices which are registered on your device and can be detected currently. The application can also read out messages about the status, specifications, and all related accessories of those HP devices. If you want the troubleshooting service for your printers and power plans etc you can access it from this tab. “My Services” is the next tab to this one. 
Now here you can register all of your HP devices online. You can also find out whether these devices are eligible for any sort of warranty/ guarantee/ service period extension offers from HP.
“Support” is the name of the third tab in this application. In this tab, you can add and edit your current location. You can send online tickets to problems that take time to get resolved and often don’t get fixed easily.
 The last tab is named “ Profile”.  As it is obvious from the name itself, this tab allows you to set up and maintain your online HP account. Go to “settings” and from here you can allow your app to do automatic updates, schedule your automatic scan, and notifications of available updates.


It should be noted that HP Support gives you two accessibility features. These two features may not be very common to other ordinary apps. There is a zoom slider in the corner to the bottom right side of the interface. You can zoom in on your entire interface by using this slider. You can also switch to a high contrast mode for an easier preview if there is any problem with your eyesight.



HP Support Assistant Download for Windows 10 and HP Support Assistant Windows 11 can be a personal technician to you if you are an HP laptop, computer, or any of the devices’ users. This app can resolve those issues on your PC that give you a headache when they appear. This app is really sophisticated and works quietly by itself even when you don’t tend to pay attention to it. You simply need it for your laptop’s better health and maintenance.

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