How to Connect Samsung Watch to iPhone

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How to Connect Samsung Watch to iPhone?

Very initially you have to get the Samsung Galaxy watch app on your iPhone. Due to the difference between the operating systems, there may be a few limitations but overall the watch works well with iPhone.
Follow the guidelines provided below to pair and connect your iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy Watch.
  1. In the “Apps” column on your iPhone, there is an icon for “App Store”, click on that icon.
  2. Type. “Galaxy Wearable App” in the search bar and search for results.
  3. Next, click on “Get” on the App info page to download the application on your iPhone 
  4. Let the app get downloaded and installed completely then open it and “launch” the Galaxy wearable.
  5. Choose “galaxy watch” after clicking on “start the journey”
  6. Let your iPhone search for the Galaxy Watch and then tap on “connect” ( if you can’t find the Galaxy Watch on your phone, look for the blue tooth. Enable it and disconnect all other devices from it)
  7. Select the “pair” option to proceed with the operation.
  8. Your watch would be connected to your iPhone once you click “Agree” and “Done” respectively.
  9. Follow the instructions provided to you. This will help you to get your settings regarding display, notifications, etc done.


“Your iPhone is now connected to the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Enjoy using your iPhone without actually using it. Now you don’t need to carry your iPhone in your hands all the time. Keep it safe inside your pocket/ bag without fearing missing any important notification”.

Introduction to Samsung Galaxy Watch:

The world in which we are living is shrinking day by day, and today it has become only a matter of a mini second to get to the other side of the planet. Only a few decades ago we didn’t know about people living in the opposite part of the Earth where we live. We didn’t know about the time difference we have, let alone the fact that we could have friends over there with whom we could get connected at any time.
Well, our stupidity would have e been the talk of the town if we had such an idea in our minds a few years ago. With the introduction of technology in our lives, things have taken interesting turns. Where computers had made things take place in a matter of hours, mobile phones and other smart gadgets have lessened this period further to seconds. 
Today, all thanks to inventors and technologists we get to know people from all over the world and befriend them. This closeness has benefited us in numerous ways and yet our social circle is increasing day by day. Technology gadgets and devices are getting advanced. Mobile phones that are the size of our palm carry the whole universe in them.
They have confined the world and kept it just a finger touch away from us. New devices are continuously being introduced in the market. Mobiles, iPhones, iPad, and tablets brought technology to people’s pockets and new gadgets like wristwatches have made the job even easier.
Now you don’t need to carry a whole flat mobile in your hands all the time. The chances of it getting lost with your important data have also been removed. It would be a reliable thing to say that, the world is now around your wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung is a brand of its words. It promises quality and that is what we see whenever a new Samsung gadget makes its way into the market. Smartphones, tablets, and other devices from Samsung are already being used by a greater part of the human population. Samsung has always put marketers in awe and this time it’s the new stylish Samsung Galaxy Watch that is setting standards.
This beautiful watch not only adds to the elegance of your hands and add boldness to your fashion but is a great sophisticated electronic gadget that enables you to excess the most important apps on your mobile without actually reaching out to them. Amazing right!

Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch:

Samsung Galaxy Watch provides you with the following features without excessing the mobile phone.
  • Voice calling
  • Text messages
  • Music streaming
  • Bill payments
  • Notifications from important Apps
  • Track activities like sleep, walking, etc

With its long-lasting battery life, this watch is a great rival to the Apple watch. People don’t seem to find much difference between the two. Now as we have already discussed how this watch brings important apps from your mobile to your wrist without making you bother about having your mobile in your hands first, we may identify the devices with which the Samsung watch can work.
People wonder whether this smart gadget can work with an iPhone or not, so the answer is “yes”. It can work with your iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 10, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13, or iPhone 13Pro (or any model from the later range) just like any ordinary Android phone that has iOS 9.0 or any new model running on the iOS same or above than 9.0. All you need to do is to know the process of connecting it properly to the iPhone. Continue reading to find out.

What can you do using your Samsung Galaxy Watch?

  • Calls: You can make voice calls from your wrist using your Galaxy watch. It just needs a Bluetooth connection nothing else
  • Text messages: Although it doesn’t allow you to do extensive messaging like e it does when connected to Android, it still sends you a notification when you get a message on your iPhone. However, you can reply to a message on a third-party app.
  • Email: It is partially supported by the Galaxy watch. It’s quite complicated to type or reply to an email. But email can be forwarded easily from the watch.
  • Music: These features are fully supported.  You can stream music from anywhere. Browse from the Internet. Sharing and transferring music is also possible.
  • Control: Samsung Galaxy watch can be used as a controller of ppt slides. Its smooth touchpad easily controls the slide show of the ppt.
  • Notification: You will get notifications from all apps of your iPhone on your watch once it is connected successfully. Notifications from apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, etc can be received.
  • Heart rate monitor and sleep tracking: These two are the inbuilt features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It can determine your heart rate and track your sleep timing. You don’t need any additional settings to access these two features these are automatically enabled.
A trusted brand and quantity product…what else do we need for a better change in our lives. Buy the new Samsung Galaxy watch connect it with your phone and the step towards making life easier. Now your iPhone can work with it too, so I don’t think anyone who cares for their precious iPhone would have second thoughts.
Read the article to know, how to connect Samsung Watch 4 to iPhone, because it is easy and doable. Enjoy using your Samsung Galaxy Watch!