How to Connect PC to PC Via Crossover Ethernet Cable?

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Prior to this post, we at any point shared like this one. Today, we are here again to share one more advantageous post How to Connect PC to PC by Using a Crossover Ethernet Cable?. The route is to associate your both PCs are simple and safe. Presently, you can undoubtedly exchange your records, tunes, pictures, pictures, programming, and substantially more without confronting troubles. 
This kind of making association is a too simple and secure approach to exchanging documents. This information exchange way is more effortless and it will make an association between two electronic machines. How about we see the means to associate both PCs.

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How To Connect GuideLine

As a matter of first importance, associate your PCs. Utilize a hybrid Ethernet link to the LAN (RJ45) ports of both PCs. 

Change both system names and the workgroup name to AB or ABC. At that point snap to spare your settings. 

Presently, go to the control board and tap on the Network Connections the set up your LAN properties. 

At that point, you need to set up your convention esteems IP Addresses and Subnet Mask. 

You need to set up these all settings on the other PC also. 

You have done your employment. 

Note: There is no driver to download for your Windows. You need to do these all means to make your association between two PCs.
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