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FRP Hijacker Tool Remove Samsung FRP by Hagard. what are FRP, and FRP Hijacker? We all have been at the stage where we need to factory reset our devices. Many of us, if not all, have also experienced the dilemma of not being able to get into our devices again because we forgot our email for the Google account, and the Factory Reset Protection won’t believe that we are not thieves.

FRP Hijacker Tool Download for PC

I know the feeling of frustration and trust me when I say that because it has happened to me twice. Now what is FRP and why does it have to be so protective? It is because the FRP was designed to prevent theft so that the person who stole your device won’t be able to reset it and take over. 

FRP ensures that your device is safe by asking you to log in with the Google account you used previously. But to prevent the situation of not being able to login to your device (Smartphone or PC), it can be solved through FRP Hijacker Tool. FRP Hijacker Tool by Hagard was tested completely with the download mode in 2018 and is completely safe and free software. Its latest version is FRP Hijacker by Hagard v1.0.


Key Features

1. FRP Hijacker Tool Hagard v1.0 allows you to fix Soft Bricked Devices
2. Uses Phone Dialer to Bypass Google Account
3. FRP by Hagard v1.0 has an ADB enabler tool
4. FRP Hijacker Tool doesn’t require additional software or tricks to tackle the issue
5. It works for all versions of Android and Windows Operating Systems, such as Windows 10, Windows XP, etc
6. It has the most user-friendly interface
7. To use FRP Hijacker on PC Microsoft Net Framework must be installed which is available by default in all advanced versions of the Windows Operating System

 Installation Process

How to Install FRP Hijacker

After downloading FRP Hijacker by Hagard v1.0 follow the following steps for installation

1. Click on the FRP Hijacker by Hagard v1.0 EXE
2. Click next
3. Enter the password as ‘’ with all letters in the lower case and without spaces
4. Click next
5. Installation begins and is completed within a minute or two
6. You’ll get a desktop shortcut and the software is ready to use

Key Functions

FRP Hijacker by Hagard has 4 main functions:

 1. FRP Hijack
This feature allows you to remove FRP locks and Soft Brick Fixers.
2. SAM Tool
This is the second tool provided by FRP Hijacker and it allows you to create an ADB-enabled file with the help of the combination file tool.
3. Phone Dialer
This is used to Bypass FRP by clicking on the dial button and providing an alternative to the Google login
4. ADB Operation
This has two main tools in it
• Remove FRP 
• Factory Reset

You were able to make it to the end. I know the article is more technical and boring but you can’t expect me to make jokes about one of the best FRP hijackers for Android and Windows. I still hope that you got something worth your time.

When you want to remove or bypass the Samsung FRP lock in less than a minute so Download FRP Hijacker Tool from the below-given download link. It will help you to remove the FRP lock from Samsung devices and other Smartphones. 

FRP Hijacker by Hagard allows you to unlock Samsung Android FRP when you are stuck during a factory reset of your Samsung. It supports many operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows XP. Samsung FRP Hijacker v0 2 Download, FRP Hijacker Download 64-bit from the link source.

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