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Altera USB-Blaster ii driver cable interfaces a USB port on a host PC to an Altera FPGA mounted on a printed circuit board. You can utilize the USB-Blaster cable to iteratively download configuration data to a system during prototyping or to program data into the system during production. So if you are looking for the latest version of Altera USB-Blaster ii Driver Windows 10 64-bit, you have reached the right page now. From the below-given download link, you can free download with a click.
How To Install Altera USB Blaster Driver On Windows 10?
  • First of all, plug the USB-Blaster into your computer
  • Now open the Device & Printers “Control Panel – Devices & Printers”
  • Under Unspecified, USB Blaster ought to be recorded. Right mouse click on this and afterward select Properties
  • Select the Hardware tab & then select properties
  • A new window will pop up with the general tab previously chosen
  • Now select Change settings
  • Again a new window will pop up with the general tab already selected. Select Update.
  • Now select Browse my PC laptop for driver software.
  • Discover <Path to Quartus II installation>/Quartus/drivers/
  • “Remember: Your Altera file is situated at the location you chose when you previously installed Quartus. The location recorded in this document is the default location”.
  • “Remember: Stop at the driver’s folder so that don’t go deeper by opening a folder inside the driver’s folder”
  • Select OK. ensure the correct way was chosen at that point select Next.
  • On the off chance that the Windows security window pops up Check the Always Trust software from the “Altera Corporation” box & select Install.

Altera USB-Blaster ii Driver Windows 10 is for all Windows i.e., it can be installed on Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1, and Windows XP also. But this time it’s been tested on Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit, and now it’s working properly 100%. But you can choose the right Driver for your devices, if you are using the latest Windows operating system then you can use it, but we can’t guarantee and suggest any kind of file to use force. You can use all kinds of files with your own custom.

We have uploaded the best Altera USB-Blaster ii Driver Windows 10 and USB blaster for our users on this page, you just have to download and install it on your computer. During this entire process, if you have to face any trouble then you can inform us, and we will try our best to guide you.

Altera USB Blaster Driver Installation GuideLine PDF > Click Here to see

Download Altera USB-Blaster ii Driver Windows 7

Download Altera USB-Blaster ii Driver Windows XP/Vista

Download Altera USB-Blaster ii Driver Windows 10